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Chicken Hatching

In between P8 and P9 we have a pen full of new born chicks. We have watched them wobble and break out of the eggs, before drying and going into the pen to play. Earlier this term we learnt about the life cycle of a chicken and it has been great to see it take place in our classrooms. What an awesome way to end our unit ‘Animals: Big and Small’! Make sure you come and visit the chicks before they leave.


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Myuna Farm excursion featuring in Week 6s CSN

Term 2 Week 6 Reading Mentors from Coral Park PS on Vimeo.

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P9 at Myuna Farm

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P9 Algorithms

In Digi Tech we have been learning about algorithms. These boys and girls have created an algorithm by demonstrating the steps on how to put on shoes and put on a jacket. Take a look below!

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P8 at Myuna Farm

P8 had their first excursion to Myuna Farm today. Fair to say that had an absolute ball and learnt so much. Thanks again to our amazing parent helpers that came to share the day. Enjoy the photos.


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P7 on the Myuna Farm Excursion

Here is a few photos of P7 enjoying their very first school excursion to Myuna Farm. Stay tuned for some more happy snaps 😊



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Why P8 love their Mum

Happy Mother’s Day to all our wonderful mums! Enjoy your special day!


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P6 & P7 Assembly Item

On Friday 28th April, P6 & P7 did their first assembly item. They explained the 4 key words: DigiTech, ICT, unplugged learning and plugged learning. After this they informed the whole school of the parts of a Beebot and sang the Beebot song.

Check it out!!!

P6 & P7 Assembly Item from Coral Park PS on Vimeo.

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The Preps have had a fantastic start to the school year by settling into the routines of Primary school and have started term 2 with enthusiasm and the willingness to learn new things.

As part of our integrated studies the Prep unit of work is ‘Animals: Big and Small.’ This unit of work is based on the Victorian Curriculum area of Science with a main focus on Biological Sciences and Earth & Space Sciences. During integrated sessions students will participate in guided inquiry sessions where they will research animals, life cycles and what animals provide us with e.g. cows give us milk. Students will also design and create new animals and habitats. Language experience sessions are science based focusing on Chemical Sciences and Science Inquiry Skills. Students will become little scientists by participating in a variety of science experiments throughout the term. To complement and extend students learning we have organized an excursion to Myuna Farm on Thursday 18th May.

The Preps will take part in literacy workshop sessions twice a week. During these sessions students will learn the letters and sounds of our focus word of the week, practice word building, spelling, rhyming, how to blend sounds and segment the word of the week through hands on word work stations. These stations include language experience, handwriting/sentence writing, word building and ICT activities.

In reading, students will focus on comprehension strategies such as predicting, visualizing, retelling stories, checking for understanding and making connections to texts (text to self). The implementation of the CAFÉ reading program will be continued in reading sessions. This program focusses on engaging all students in daily literacy instruction based around four areas of reading which are Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency and Expand vocabulary. In writer’s workshop sessions, students will continue with correct letter formation, capital letters at the beginning of sentences, full stops at the end of sentences, the inclusion of finger spaces, constructing simple sentences, typing sentences using Word processing programs e.g. Microsoft Word and learning how to write basic reports and descriptive writing. The Preps will continue integrating the VCOP program into writing sessions. The letters stand for Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation. This engaging writing program is based around talk time. Students will begin ‘Show and Tell’ this term within their own class to build students Speaking & Listening skills. Classroom teachers will devise a class roster so parents know when their child will be having their turn. Some of the topics students will be focusing on this term for Show and Tell are an animal I would like to have, facts about reptiles, Myuna Farm and the Chicken Hatching program.

In Numeracy sessions, students will focus on counting and comparing, will learn time through timetables, explore patterns, how to collect and record data, addition, subtraction, money and subitising. Students will complete a variety of activities such as maths games, interactive and hands on activities, the use of ICT through iPad apps and teacher explicit groups.

For classroom based Digi Tech sessions, students will continue developing their understanding of how technology works as well as building their skills in using technology. They will focus on blogging, algorithms (list of steps/instructions), how to collect, record, represent and interpret data and exploring different digital systems. Students will complete a variety of activities in areas of plugged learning (using a device), unplugged learning (no device), the use of robotics and software programs e.g. DB Primary and Purple Mash.

‘Fun & Fitness’ will continue this term and takes place every Monday afternoon from 2.30-3.20pm. Students will be in four mixed Prep groups to build connectedness and to build new social relationships outside of their own classroom. Students rotate each week through the different activities and amongst the different teachers. The activities are:

  • PMP (Healthy & Physical Education) e.g. balancing, skipping, climbing
  • Dance/Drama (The Arts: Dance)
  • Science Experiments (Science)
  • Play based Learning (Language for interaction/The Arts: Drama)

We are looking for any parents with Working With Children’s Checks to assist in the morning sessions from 9-11am with numeracy, literacy and cutting up our fruit for ‘Crunch and Sip.’ Any parents, who would love to be a part of our learning in the Prep rooms, please talk with your child’s teacher and let them know your availability. A Working with Children’s Check can be completed online at

Prep Grades Special Events, Excursions and Incursions for Term 2

  • Myuna Farm Excursion Thursday 18th May
  • Chicken Hatching Program Week 10 & 11

We look forward to a fun filled term with lots of learning and achievements!

From the Prep Team

Lesley Campbell, Pania Malesevic, Emma Jepson & Kirsty Courtis

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A very special visitor……

On the last day of school while we were all at recess the Easter Bunny left a very special surprise for P8! Unfortunately we didn’t get to see him. We were all very grateful and surprised!! I hope everyone has a very special and safe Easter Break with your families.


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