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A very special visitor……

On the last day of school while we were all at recess the Easter Bunny left a very special surprise for P8! Unfortunately we didn’t get to see him. We were all very grateful and surprised!! I hope everyone has a very special and safe Easter Break with your families.


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Cross Country

On the last day of school the preps participated in their first Cross Country race around the school. What a great job they did! Lots of cheering and encouraging of others. It was great to see all the kids dressed in their house colours!



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Harmony Day in P8

Harmony Day is one of my favourite days! We come together as a school and community to celebrate all the wonderful cultures we have. We got to watch a short play, have some buddy time, share a special lunch and watch lots of performances at assembly. P8 all looked fantastic wearing their traditional clothes! Well Done everyone!!!



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First Aid

The Preps participated in the schools first aid program where we learnt to recognise and respond to dangerous situations. We also learnt how to call for help and how to help others.


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P9’s Language Experiences

Every Wednesday afternoon, we enjoy special experiences that get our mind thinking about words! We use these experiences to think about WOW words; words that we can use to describe things in an interesting way. So far we have made Cat in the Hat fruit kebabs, marshmallow ants, feeling face cookies,  popcorn, pancakes, choc bird nests, green goop, bubbles and colourful paintings. I wonder what we will do next…


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P9 in the Cross Country

Our first cross country and we all did such an amazing job; we ran super fast all the way to the finish line! I love that we all had a go and I send special congratulations to Ananya for coming 2nd out of all the Prep girls! We all looked awesome in our house colours and enjoyed all that the day offered: face painting, sausages, icey-poles, cheering and friendly competition!

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Harmony Day in P9

What great fun we had celebrating the cultures in our school for Harmony Day! We loved dressing up, enjoying a shared lunch, watching a performance of explorers and doing special activities with our buddies in M16; so exciting!



Preps enjoy making choices in The Arts


Number Math Satations

P7 have been enjoying learning about numbers 1-20 where we practise counting forwards and backwards, representing numbers, recognising numbers, writing numbers and using 1:1 correspondence. Here are some pics of the students engaged in their math stations.


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Digi Tech Sessions in P7

P7 have been enjoying learning about ‘how technology’ works during Digi Tech sessions in the classroom as well as building their skills in ‘using technology.’
Here is P7 doing unplugged learning where no device is required for learning.

And plugged learning where they use a device.


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