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Term 2

P9 have had a great start to term 2 and have settled in well after the school holidays. They have been super busy learning about procedural texts and the new word of the week ‘jam’. Here are some photos of P9 making jam sandwiches for their shared experience.

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Word of the Week: ‘bed’

For language experience and to link into our SMART spelling program the Preps took part in a STEM challenge where they had to build a bed for our word of the week. STEM challenges are designed to develop students problem solving skills, to build resilience and to develop risk taking.

STEM Challenge: create a bed                     Materials: pop sticks, 4 pegs and masking tape

Here are some photos of P9 constructing their beds.

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Prep Language Experience

As part of our weekly language experience students take part in making, creating or cooking something to help develop their topic specific vocabulary. This term we have been focusing on developing our vocabulary around our 5 senses: sight, touch, smell, taste and sound.

Here are some photos of P9 making Milo. For this activity they had to follow the procedure of how to make a milo and then came up with words to describe this experience. Some of the WOW words that P9 came up with were delicious, milky and sweet. Once students brainstormed WOW words as a class they then complete a writing response activity.

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Life Education Incursion

The Prep and Junior students had fun meeting Harold the giraffe in the Life Education van. They learnt about how the body works, hygiene, the importance of exercise and healthy eating and nutrition. Students were able to sort foods into fruit, vegetables, dairy, protein, grains and sometimes food.

Here are photos of P9 during their turn in the van.

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RACV Road Safety Incursion

As part of our unit of work ‘Me & My Community’ the Prep students took part in an incursion where Nicky from RACV taught them about Road Safety. Students had fun dressing up, listening to a story, playing games and practising how to ‘STOP, LOOK, LISTEN & THINK.’

Here are some photos of P9.

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First Day of Prep

Here are some photos of the students in P9 settling into their first day of Prep. They had lots of fun and had a go at everything. Amazing little superstars!!

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Term 2

P7 have had a great start to term 2. They have been displaying determination when working on their learning goals and working hard to achieve these. Here are some pictures of them busy at work.


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House Cross Country

The whole school participated in house cross country on the last day of term 1. Here are some pictures of the Preps taking part in their first school cross country.

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Harmony Day

The whole school have been busy celebrating Harmony Day. Students took part in cultural art/craft, watching students perform cultural dances, having a special lunch in classrooms and dressing up in traditional clothing or wearing the colour orange that represents harmony.

Here are P7 on Harmony Day.

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The Department of Education and Training will not be funding the use of Global2 past the end of the current contract on 31st of December 2020.

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